From R – She helped me so much, I cant thank her enough. It was amazing to have her support, it exceeded my expectations. The support and help I received was priceless, having a doula help mentally, physically and was good for supporting my partner too. Sally helped in so many ways, she is gentle, kind and nurturing. She supported me fully with how I wanted my birth to be and helped make it happen.
From R (R’s partner) – Sally has been a fantastic support throughout and I really cant thank her enough.

From V – Sally is amazing. She was fully prepared. She was conscious of our beliefs and supported us fully in this. She filmed a religious rote for us and this has become so dear. She maintained a calm, relaxed and perfect environment for my birth. I will be forever grateful. Sally maintained my dignity and privacy and was caring and helpful throughout.
My husband was sceptical at first but after meeting Sally he was put at ease. They became the perfect birth team and everything ran like clockwork. I have already asked Sally to come to my next birth!

From E – Sally is incredibly friendly, nurturing and open. She went through absolutely everything with me and totally respected my wishes. She was always there for me and nothing was too much for her. She really cared about making my experience positive. She helped me organise a mother blessing, we created art together and she helped me prepare for my birth. She made me feel stronger than I ever have before. I felt so looked after every step of the way. She was a rock during labour and was like a mother when I was scared, it was like having an angel by my side.
From D (E’s partner) – Sally has been a fantastic support to E throughout pregnancy and was brilliant at the birth. Can’t thank her enough for all of her help. Would highly recommend doula’s to all pregnant womyn.

From R – Sally was everything I needed her to be and more as my lovely doula.

From C – Sally was a stable and loving presence at a vulnerable time. She is everything I hoped a doula to be: calm, wise, trusting and trustworthy. I think having a doula is invaluable and Sally was perfect. Thankyou.

From R – Sally is a lovely person who is very relaxing and easy company. She was very eager to provide me with what I felt I needed through my pregnancy and offered information and support based on that. She helped me plan the practicalities and provided emotional reassurance when I needed it. If she didn’t know the answer to something she would quickly find one from reliable sources. During the birth she helped set up the room, took pictures and film, supported me physically and was there when my partner needed a break.
From K (R’s partner) – Having Sally there made everything a lot easier than expected. R clearly found solace and strength from Sally and that meant I was able to focus on other things during the birth.

From C – Sally was my postnatal doula. She helped build my confidence by her reassuring presence when I most needed it. Sally’s support was welcome and invaluable. Sally was gentle, energetic, inspiring and generous. She carried my baby, went shopping, gave me foot massages and ran me herbal baths. She taught me that self care was important too and to indulge myself when I needed to.
I also loved a ceremony she gave me called ‘Closing the Bones’, it was very powerful, relaxing and brought peace to my mind and baby brain.
My partner was grateful for Sally’s support and it helped him understand the mindset of a womyn after birth.

From U – A very calm, gentle and kind womyn. Sally hoovered, did dishes, cooked food, held my baby while I showered and gave me amazing foot rubs. We chatted and she was always interested in if I was ok. It was nice to have someone I could count on postnatally especially if you are a single Mum.

     From E – I met Sally at our annual doula colleague meeting and was captivated by the beautiful belly wraps she had brought with her. I was pregnant at the time and when I went home I decided to purchase the bright yellow one. I liked the idea of belly binding as I feel that once the baby is born all attention goes away from the mother and it’s a lovely way of integrating self-care and specialness… Sally posted it promptly and when it arrived it was tied with string and a lovely message from Sally making it feel really personal. After my baby was born I looked at some videos on how to wrap my tummy. After a few tries I was happy that I had done a good job and it was the right tension. I loved the way the wrap made me feel secure, like an embrace around my most vulnerable area. It helped me to stand upright and feel balanced, which is important when we consider the effects of relaxin on the postnatal body. One of the things I liked most was the ritual aspect and the bright colour that highlighted to my family that I was still in transition, I was a postpartum mother and that was to be respected. I think visually it served as a good reminder to them that I was healing. After a couple of weeks I naturally began to dress without it as I felt it had served its purpose – thank you Sally for the gorgeous wrap and service, would definitely get one from you again.